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Innovative Solutions For Marketing Problems

Innovative Solutions For Your Marketing Problems 

Welcome to Kinnie Innovative Marketing Solutions (Kinnie IMS)

Kinnie IMS  is small marketing firm that specializes in marketing research and marketing development for small to mid-size business owners and potential business owners. Whether you are looking to expand your business by adding another product, expand into a new area, or start a brand new business Kinnie IMS is here to help you in researching and developing the best way to succeed. Big or small we at Kinnie IMS can handle and welcome them all.


Kinnie IMS develops a personal relationship with each and every one of our clients in order to determine which marketing and business solutions BEST suit YOUR company's individual needs. There is no "out of the box" solution - every business is unique and every company has different  needs and challenges.  Kinnie IMS will help you identify which services are the BEST fit for your company, industry and target market.


Kinnie IMS is core values centers around catering to all the needs of our clients, because we truly believe that the customer is always right. Our belief is that for us to be successful our clients must be satisfied and successful.

Our mission is simple... Innovative Solutions for Your Marketing Problems.

We accomplish this mission by creating an innovative customized marketing strategy for each of our clients. 


Whether you are looking to increase revenue by accepting credit cards, clean up your Google ratings, establish your business, expand your business, or increase your business presences in your local community Kinnie IMS is dedicated to offering you world class service and helping your company maintain the professional image and presence it deserves!


We at Kinnie Innovative Marketing Solutions  look forward to serving you.